Debater a Europa

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Publisher: Imprensa da Universidade de Coimbra
ISSN: 1647-6336
e-ISSN: 1647-6336
DOI: 10.14195/1647-6336
Periodicity: Biannual
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The complex challenges that the European Union faces in the globalized world and the contribution and role in finding solutions require appropriate communication strategies that allow citizens not only to have comprehensive information about the EU but also to be an active part on the project of the European construction.

In order to communicate on the European Union so that the subject gets closer to its citizens, there’s the need to do so in partnership, strengthening the coherence and synergies in the information and communication activities carried out by the European Institutions, its Member States, the information networks and any other participants in civil society, particularly in the academic environment.

The Journal “Debater a Europa” (Portuguese for Debating Europe; in electronic support) aims to analyze and debate themes on the European agenda, to create a space for dialogue on European issues and to contribute to a greater awareness on the project of the European construction.
This journal is open to collaborations in the form of articles, critical reviews, interviews and original documents. It also publishes proceedings of scientific events promoted by its editors.
Each issue/number will present the major scientific-pedagogical activities carried out in each semester by its editors and partners and a thematic issue/number may possibly contain a supplement (Vária).

“Debater a Europa”, founded in 2009, is a journal edited by the Press of the University of Coimbra, associated to the Center for Interdisciplinary Studies of the 20th Century of the University of Coimbra (CEIS20-UC) and to the Information Centre Europe Direct Aveiro, in partnership with the European Parliament Information Office in Portugal and the European Commission Representation in Portugal.

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This journal offers immediate access of its contents, according to the principle of free availability of scientific knowledge which provides a higher level of knowledge democracy at international level.


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