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Publisher: Livraria Almedina
ISSN: 0874-1093
e-ISSN: 2182-2387
Periodicity: Biannual
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The Journal of the Centro de Direito do Ordenamento, Urbanismo e Ambiente (Centre for Legal Studies on Urban Planning and Environment)   ( RevCEDOUA ) has been published every semester since 1998 and has contributed to the scientific enrichment in the legal areas of planning , urbanism and environment through the publication of original texts – either of legal or of transdisciplinary nature - targeted to professionals, researchers or scholars who deal with the legal instruments of planning , urbanism and environment.
The goal of RevCEDOUA is to identify, reflect and propose solutions to problems concerning planning, urbanism and environment with legal and social relevance, by promoting the extending of knowledge boundaries and the legal, social, cultural and technological progress, and to deepen the treatment of these themes also in foreign legal systems.
The RevCEDOUA is open to contributions either by sending original articles, reviews, or case law reviews for publication , or by suggesting topics for future issues .

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This journal offers immediate access of its contents, according to the principle of free availabiblity of scientific knowledge which provides a higher level of knowledge democracy at international level.


CEDOUA - Centro de Estudos de Direito do Ordenamento do Urbanismo e do Ambiente

Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Coimbra

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